Lifelong Health for Communities

How can Lifelong Health help?

We can offer many tailor made workshops to assist your community, covering many aspects of health promotion.  Workshops are designed to be fun and interactive, educating people to understand basics of nutrition topics that lead participants to a healthier lifestyle.

Topics we cover include;

Food and mood

How to be sugar smart

The importance of good nutrition and its impact on the body and mind

Eating for energy

Cholesterol and Glucose Checks

The role of nutrition in weight management

General Health Promotion; enabling individuals to increase control to improve their health

Eating on the move

Health & Wellness Complete Event Package

We can take the pressure off you and run the whole event as a complete wellness package. 


Alongside nutritional advice and health and wellness presentations, we can provide:

Cholesterol and Glucose Checks

Dance fitness sessions with a qualified dance/fitness instructor

Massage Therapy

Health & wellness checks on individual staff, which would include a personal record of BP, weight, body fat index and BMI 

Group musical sessions

Smoking cessation and alcohol misuse seminars

Cardiovascular assessments

Sessions on musculoskeletal health and maintaining a healthy back

Group sessions with a Pilates instructor

Group or individual exercise classes with a qualified PT

Group mindfulness and stress-resilience sessions