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Mental health support and guidance for those aged 14-25.

I am incredibly proud to announce I have been designing an online platform for those aged 14-25 years in partnership with Melin Homes to help support their mental health.


This programme is in the primary stage of development and I would love your support.

Find. You will be an easy to use website and eventually an app, full of up to date online resources and links and guidance for those who are struggling with their mental health. It will be aimed primarily at the age group mentioned above because of the unequivocal evidence of the severity of the mental health epidemic in this age group.

My aim for this project is to not only provide all mental health support and guidance but to also assist individuals with practical advice on topics that may be having a negative effect on their mental health, see below

My vision is for this to be a complete holistic approach to mental health. I am so passionate about this project. Please, please like/share/ comment with ideas/offer partnership working if you can help. I would love to involve as many other professionals who are as passionate about this fight. Here is the link of the official idea that you can log on and comment on to spur this idea further. Thank you.

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