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Here are a few testimonials from our (lovely) clients

"The health check this week was a brilliant idea. Working in a call centre environment can make it tricky getting a doctor’s appointment for general check-ups. You tend to only go when you are actually ill. Especially with the hours and shifts that we do. 

I feel it should be a routine thing we do every so often in the building. When I had mine I was found to have high blood pressure and with heart conditions in my family history it is so important to find these things and have them monitored by a professional.


I now have a letter from Sian to take to my doctor and get this checked out.

I am now looking forward to seeing Sian again on her next visit as we will see if there is an improvement on my health.

I think having these check-ups will be a great way to acknowledge wellbeing within the business and show we are actively promoting good health.

Thank you Sian for the session, I would highly recommend this to other colleagues next time we have a visit. Thank You."


- Amie Hoyle, Know How Development Specialist – Cardiff 



"I am so happy that I came today to have my health check up. Sian was so easy to talk to and gave fantastic advice. I had all my results explained to me and a letter to take to my GP explaining my results. I may never have known that my blood pressure was so high if it wasn’t for having this health check carried out today. I am so grateful."


- Anonymous



"What a brilliant idea. I already realised that I was overweight but was quite shocked to find out how bad the results were yesterday.


I will be working alongside Sian to try and reduce my weight and will hopefully bring it down for the summer."

- Anonymous

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