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Who are we and what is Lifelong Health?

We are health professionals who believe prevention and promotion of good health is essential to live longer, healthier lives.

Our aim is to empower individuals/schools and communities with the knowledge and positive mind-set to take the steps to improve their own individual health and mental well-being. 

That education is key for this to be successful and school children  are the perfect captive audience to recieve these lifelong messages to live longer, healthier lives.

Hi, I'm Sian

So first and foremost I am a very busy mum of two beastly boys aged 10 and 6 who keep me very much on my toes and this is where my passion for promoting a healthy lifestyle for their future has derived from.  The importance of instilling a well balanced healthy outlook on life and a positive view on good nutrition and being active is where this has all begun.

My Experience

Professionally, I am a qualified nurse of almost 20 years, where I have studied and practised under many specialties in acute and community medicine.  My previous experience of intensive emergency nursing, quite often proved the consequences of living an unhealthy lifestyle in a very serious way, where I nursed many individuals who had suffered major cardiovascular disease events, neurological events and respiratory events, that had all been primarily caused by poor lifestyle choices.


After 8 years, I made the decision to change direction and explore the world of community nursing which lead me to becoming a Sister in a very busy, dynamic teaching practice, which is where I continue to work.  My role is very diverse and covers all aspects of primary care, and the most common theme running throughout my practice is that of health promotion.  I believe in the philosophy of making every contact count (MECC) which is an approach to behaviour change that utilises the millions of day to day interactions that people have with other people to encourage changes in behaviour that have a positive effect on the health and well being of individuals, communities and populations.

Lifelong Health

I created Lifelong Health to take this philosophy further and help individuals throughout the wider community explore ways in which they can make healthier lifestyle choices to promote good physical and mindful health.  


My aim is to empower individuals with the knowledge and positive mind-set to take the steps to improve their own individual health and mental wellbeing. The responsibility lies with us, and with more than £11 billion each year being spent by the NHS on health problems related to poor diet, drinking and smoking, this is a national emergency which if not improved, could lead to the very down fall of our health system.

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